Receiving Microcredit from TGMP;

TGMP operates with 96 branches across Türkiye. Firstly, going to the related branch in your city or district will help you get the right service for you. However, there are a few simple steps to determine whether you can receive microcredit from TGMP.

  1. First of all, a candidate who applies for microcredit to TGMP should have a business idea. Micro-entrepreneurs who will receive microcredit for the first time can use a maximum of TRY 3,000.
  2. You must create a group which consists of 5 women who have a business idea. Women in the group cannot be close relatives. For example, mother, daughters and sisters etc. cannot be in the same group.
  3. After the formation of a group which consists of 5 women, information about the operation system of microcredit and microcredit repayment is provided in the 3-day training sessions.
  4. After the completion of the training process, microcredits are disbursed to micro-entrepreneurs who meet the requirements.