Who are we?

Turkish Grameen Microfinance Program (TGMP) is Türkiye’s first and only microfinance institution.

Established in 2003 by Turkish Foundation for Waste Reduction (TISVA), TGMP is a non-profit microfinance institution operating in collaboration with Grameen Trust. Our institution leads the way in providing financial services to financially-challenged women living in poverty in Türkiye. TGMP provides microfinance services in 68 provinces with 95 branches across Türkiye, over 40,000 micro-entrepreneurs

Our Mission : 

As Turkish Grameen Microfinance Program, our mission is to provide appropriate financial services to all low-income families in Türkiye through women.
TGMP aims to encourage low-income women to engage in income-generating activities, improving their economic and social status and creating a financially sustainable environment.

Our Vision : 

The target of Turkey Grameen Microfinance Program is to live in rural and urban areas.
a non-traditional banking system by providing loans to low-income women.
promote and institutionalize. This enterprise made poor people especially in traditional banking.
It aims to protect women who are not covered by the system.