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Women Through Micro Credit miracle we met! 22.02.2016

Diyarbakir lived that day, the market of curfew in the neighborhood, from producing a solution to open the front of the house tenacious 66-year-old Emine Bayram, survive given after death fall working husband in construction, our eyes the house sustain the struggle we listened.

Thanks to micro-credit as sellers started taking pride of boys and 4 girls a lecturer at the university, have increased literacy is not even sure Feast seventy. Day 3 thousand pounds earns income by selling vegetables and fruits a month now.

The previous day about 5 hours, at the headquarters of Citibank Tekfen Tower, GE Turkey General Electric, General Manager Canan Özsoy OMV Turkey Board Member Gülsüm Azeri as jury including in Turkey over the coming 30 women's scratch She start by listening to the successful outcome of the struggle for life.

Citibank, I'm taking place this year in the 8th Micro Entrepreneur Awards, held almost since the beginning of the story and this bold and confident women I yeşertiy hope in me every time I listen. We learn that Citibank, General Manager of Serra Akçaoğlu than 8 years, 16 thousand women applied for this award.

Women's Work Foundation (KEDV) connected MAYA Program, Turkey Waste Prevention Foundation (TİSVA), Turkey Grameen Microfinance Program co-operation and Development, organized by the Counselling support has admitted she nearly 3 thousand for this award. Each year an increasing number of women applicants and 700 pounds as a large proportion of these women work with their tiny loans they begin to establish in very small quantities so that we are growing, we remain stuck.


TİSVA Chairman Aziz Akgul, 2003-2015 between micro entrepreneurs with low income women the loans they make to engage in their own income-generating activities that reach 500 million pounds and 160 thousand women say that from this credit, moreover, guarantees and these women credit are paying back 99.9 percent without bail !



Let's talk about "financial success", "Social Impact", "vision", "Personal Fight", "Innovation", and "Local Role Models" winning in the category of women and their interesting stories.

Hatay wife died learn as to provide for their children to start selling make meals at home and micro-credit business with the enlarging today 150 thousand pounds with a food company first school graduate Melek Aktürk, was the owner of three thousand pounds prize and "Micro Entrepreneur of the Year" award. Aktürk For us now, the banks had larger amounts businesswoman came to a close in size to get the credit anyway. Men dominated the world without fear, how good a role model that focuses standing undaunted. 600 pounds at the start of business today are enjoying your meal with the loan of 2 thousand 500 people. "My goal 5 thousand people. I get continuous credit, I paid the day before," he says.

pepper extract Elif Yetim in Izmir, Isparta scenes work that makes Şükran Gungor, Diyarbakir beauty salon operated by Zeynep Akar seconds establishing cooperative agricultural development in Zonguldak Saniye Uysal, who founded the Green Valley organic agriculture farm in Catalca Nazan Kurt, but the story of the first category among 30 women 30 women actually headline. Most of them are to be a reality in Turkey are illiterate while crashing like our face slap, the loans they receive the refund before even ahead of time and not necessarily spend money on their children's education in how to make quick splash in the country thanks to these women if proven.


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