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Women's micro-credit support in İzmit 14.03.2016

Under the Micro Credit Project in Izmit it was reported that 300 women entrepreneurs loans given 572 thousand pounds.


Izmit Mayor Nevzat Dogan, in his speech in credit distribution ceremony, Izmit Municipality women-friendly is a municipality, especially throwing the first step in housewives and entrepreneurship wanting to make home production later said they provide financial support to women with big goals.

Women entrepreneurs about 3 years Dogan explained that they found in a symbolic micro-credit support like a thousand pounds, since "the amount of credit though small is happening promote important in starting the commercial life of women. We kurduruy business workshops for our women. We have established sales centers where the sales made product. More the number of them we are trying to enhance. Women in particular will continue our support for our participation in the business world, "he said.


Dogan, was later presented to micro-credit for women.


Under the project, 300 people 572 thousand 253 pounds of credit support is provided said.

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