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TL 569 Million Microcredit was given 13 years 16.08.2017

Based on complete trust with 107 branches in 67 provinces in Turkey continued its poor and low-income women, micro-credit activities towards Turkey Grameen microcredit program was held in Erzurum, Erzincan and Kahramanmaras Regional staff meetings.

first in 2003, Turkey Waste Prevention Foundation Board of Trustees Chairman Professor in Turkey Dr. Aziz Akgul, Turkey Grameen micro-credit program started in the premise of no coverage in the intervening 13 years after our country's 67 provinces, 107 branches and continues to serve requesting bail based on complete trust.

Micro-credit Programme Erzincan Kahramanmaras District staff meeting 22-23 October 2016 in the 2016 assessment date and the hotel staff meeting was held in Erzurum Palan which determines the target by 2017.

Micro-credit Erzincan Regional Director In his opening speech of the meeting, Ibrahim Curler, Erzurum, depending on the Erzincan Regional Office here today, Bingol, Bitlis, Mus and Erzincan Iğdıril in operating in micro-credit adıyaman connected to Kahramanmaras Regional staff of the branch micro-credit branch of the staff in Malatya and Kahramanmaras belitti attended.

Curler, they acted to create a Turkey where there is poverty and unemployment and the potential in this regard, but stated that they try to give the opportunity to women without economic life, "microcredit projects, entrepreneurship ability but with financial means women without our family budget and as it contributes to the economy but also economically tying the life that they become stronger individuals Ibrahim Curler, has trained generations of these women will also offer a significant contribution to the future of the country. As Turkey Foundation for Waste Reduction, which is the 100th anniversary year of the Republic of Turkey, where we aim to be in poverty in 2023. Poverty is an honorable way to light our way in reducing all our donors and supporters of our municipality and our Governor forever grateful. "He said.

Microcredit Program Kahramanmaras Regional Director gave information about microcredit work in his speech to Mustafa Wrestler.

Microcredit application of the first Diyarbakir on 18 July 2003. The Prime Minister is the President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, each one given the hand microcredit with a total of 6,000 TL to take the $ 500 starting said Mustafa Pehlivan new, "But no one as the first capital in Turkey as a business with $ 500 distributed to believe it can be done, this program personally Turkey Waste Prevention Foundation Board of Trustees Chairman Prof. Dr. Aziz Akgul, was introduced to the practice by providing $ 10,000 Microcredit source, and today the date of October 2016, about 150,000 poor and low-income women (and their families with 600,000 people vicinity) has been reached. As of October 2016, the loan amount has been distributed to almost 569 million. "He said.

Microcredit Kahramanmaras Regional Director Mustafa Pehlivan continued to talk later. '' We believe that the reduction in poverty in society can not be solved only with the help of the form of grants. From this perspective; Unable to work with the elderly, sick and that impaired their homes until becoming a humanitarian mission that must be met by all kinds of cash and in-kind need troops, if the person can work, giving a small capital to engage in them another handful opening of their own income-generating activities should be ensured. water or a can of general support to work as personal ability to convert it needs to power. The support provided power at this point, given DUdUr microcredit as a small capital. Because capital is the most important element is not the owner of the unemployed and disadvantaged.

Long-term unemployment and investment for poverty reduction, it is known that the need to increase production and exports. In addition to these developments, however, it is needed in the application at the micro level to see the results of long-term policies.


Microcredit is a dynamic group of 5 people in the process of being implemented, people are not required to document except the declaration. Microcredit guarantees and bail shall not be required space for members of the executive and the courts never apply it edilmemektedir.mikrokre application, no presence of non-low-income women in obtaining credit have priority over others. The credit is a human right is the basic philosophy of microcredit. While commercial banks that provided loans secured by collateral and guarantees, the Microcredit Program is based on granting credit to people.

While taking loans from commercial banks, how much more if you have collateral, so you'll get more credit. Microcredit also said, "how little of this, he has a much higher priority" mentality dominates.

The members are involved in the microcredit system came to be seen as a journey. Because each disadvantaged in the system, it will continue to receive support until above the poverty line.


Nobel Peace Prize winner Prof. Dr. Microcredit Muhammad Yunus pioneered the application in the world, the then Prime Minister Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave the President the first check, is the first time in Diyarbakir, Turkey still started on July 18, 2003;

including 107 branches in 67 provinces are proceeding very successfully. Turkey Grameen Microfinance Program Microcredit application until the end of 2017, we aim to spread to all provinces.


Turkey asking for any collateral and guarantee the Grameen Microfinance Program serves as 67il 107 branches based on complete trust. Ekim2016 date, continues to use credit 38 837 active members. So far, a total of 568,072,379.09 TL Microcredit is given, in which the term microcredit has achieved 100% return rate.

After the speeches, the meeting was continued in the form of mutually answer questions.

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