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Microcredit support for Syrian women. 13.05.2019

With the project implemented within the scope of Turkish Grameen Microfinance Program, microcredit of ₺1.125 million TRY will be provided for the support of Syrian women, most of whom are women with business ideas - General Directorate of TGMP Halil Orhan: - "We are glad to have contributed, albeit a bit, to the solution of the refugee crisis. " - " We'll look at the returns in a year. The most important points are the distribution of microcredit, the collection and how much income women generate from this loan "

 With the project carried out within the scope of the Turkish Grameen Microfinance Program (TGMP), microcredit of ₺1.125 million TRY will be provided to support Syrian women, most of whom are women with business ideas.

With TGMP, which is under the umbrella of the Turkish Foundation for Waste Reduction (TISVA), the capital needs of women who want to start their own business but cannot due to lack of capital have been met since 2003.

General Manager of TGMP Halil Orhan, said in a statement, so far more than 180 thousand low income women have used microcredit.

Orhan stated that they aimed to provide microcredit to Turkish and Syrian women in Gaziantep, Sanliurfa and Kilis within the framework of the pilot project initiated by CARE International, one of the largest independent aid organizations operating at international level.

"For the first year, we aim to distribute ₺1.125 TRY of microcredit to 900 Syrian women.", Orhan said that some of the funds from CARE Turkey would be used to support Turkish women entrepreneurs as well.

Orhan, pointing out the importance of microcredit of ₺1,125 TRY provided by CARE Turkey, "We are glad to have contributed, albeit a bit, to the solution of the refugee crisis." he said.

Prior to launching the project, informative meetings were held with the active microcredit users, Orhan said "We wanted to tell them about this project to Syrian refugees who have long been neighbors, who have reliable and capable of doing business. We said microcredits are disbursed without a service fee.", Orhan stated that Turkish and Syrian women will work together and that the process will also be supported by training programs that will improve women's self-confidence and economic decision-making skills.

Orhan said that, Prof. Dr. Aziz Akgül, Board of Trustees of TİSVA introduced the microcredit program to Turkey and TGMP was the pioneer in this field, and Orhan also expressed the fact that people's trusts constitute the basis of this program.

- Microcredit Program

The program, which was implemented in 175 countries, including Turkey, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006, as well as "one of the 10 ideas that changed the world " in Time Magazine.

In the project, women with low incomes are provided with a maximum of 1.000 TRY of microcredit for the first year, while this figure increases over the years and reaches a maximum of five thousand pounds. Although guarantees, suretyships, executions and court procedures were not followed in the microcredit application in Turkey, the return on the loans due was close to 100 percent