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Set up their business with microcredit 16.08.2017
Thousands of women who have been introduced into business life by microcredit application have risen to the boss status. Two thousand and thirty-five women of low income, who set up their own businesses with microcredit, which they receive in Eastern Anatolia, contribute to both family budget and production.

The Microcredit Erzincan Regional Directorate visits the women who use the loan weekly and examines their work and transforms the loans used.
Women gathered in a house every week read the "Achievement of Success" at the end of the meeting and decide the time and place of the next meeting.

Turkey Grameen Microfinance Program Erzincan Regional Manager İbrahim Gürler, AA correspondent in the statement, the application for the first time Prof. Dr. Aziz Akgül reminded that he started with the meeting held with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who was the prime minister of the period in 2003.
Gürler stated that entrepreneur 12 women were given 6 thousand liras at that time and that today a total of 160 thousand low-income women in Turkey has been given 600 million pounds credit.

Gürler stated that they operate in 67 branches and 98 branch offices in the whole of the microcredit application. They said that they were operating 6 branches in Eastern Anatolia within the scope of Mikrokredi Erzincan Regional Directorate.
Gürler said:

"The microcredit application was initiated by Prof. Dr. Aziz Akgül in 2003. The micro-credit application initiated by our President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, for the first time on July 18, 2003, started with 12 micro entrepreneurs and 500 liras each for a total of 6 liras. 609 thousand pounds and 60 million liras have been reached as of date of date .. In 2010, 690 members in the Erzincan branch, 960 thousand liras in the Erzurum branch, 360 members in the Erzurum branch, 645 thousand liras in the Bingöl branch, 155 ladies in the Bitlis branch, 260 thousand liras Lira, Kemaliye 90 members 400 thousand liras, 317 members 568 thousand liras in Igdir, Mus branch 250 lira 615 thousand pounds micro credit facility was offered.In this region, a total of 2 thousand 35 members of 4 million pounds micro credit facility was presented.

Gurler said micro-entrepreneur women are getting into dowry production, agriculture and livestock production, tailoring, hairdressing. Some of the micro-entrepreneur women say they have new jobs with microcredits and others have gotten raw materials or machinery by improving their current jobs.
Women who set up business with microcredit expressed satisfaction with their work and practice. Leyla Güntekin, who expressed her thanks to the application and friend, stated that she contributed to family budget by doing hand work and she was very happy in this situation.