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Rakıcıoğlu donation of TL 50,000 from the Rize Microfinance Branch 16.08.2017

Rizeli women, the late governor of our income in order to support economic activity in the bulunarak house beats his wife Rakıcıoğlu Microfinance Rize Branch by Joy Rakıcıoğlu was 50 thousand worth of donations.


Microfinance Rize Branch of the late governor's wife Rakıcıoğlu our beats made by Joy Rakıcıoğlu under the 50 thousand worth of donations were provided in a total of TL 22600.00 credit support 9 people.

Rize Province General Assembly Meeting Erdogan program Rize Governor held in the hall Bektas, TİSVA Board of Trustees President prof.dr.aziz Akgun and province-wide Assembly President Mehmet in the first part of the program, which was also attended Gain Joy Rakıcıoğlu by made to support the Microfinance Rize Branch 50 thousand ' the donation was presented to pull the like.

TİSVA Board of Trustees President prof.dr.aziz Akgun said in a statement here; Turkey Foundation for Waste Reduction as 40 thousand people across Turkey, while 1,300 people in Rize Province General Assembly stated that they found the funds provided by the credit support.

Rize Governor Erdogan Bektas, in his speech; Yener Rakıcıoğlu of our late governor underlined that one of the major figures of the Rize grow "Micro-credit practice that originated in India activities. Initially we had some doubts but our women entrepreneurs through microfinance branches of the point reached today known anyone with the funds. Women make up our business with credit facilities provided to them so that they have been here and support their home economies. I want to thank employees for their contribution to the Microfinance Branch Rize this aspect, "he said.

Governor Bektas, also thanking the donation of TL 50 thousand in the joy Rakıcıoğlu, were made in the hope that the occasion of this donation to charity.

In the last part of the program, the distribution of credit checks were performed.

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