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Opened to the world from the workshop on the balcony with silk carpet. 17.07.2019
Sultan Koç, who lives in Merzifon, sells the carpets he woven to the countries like America, Germany and Saudi Arabia by employing 3 women in the workshop he established on the balcony of his house.

The 37-year-old Sultan Koç, who lives in the Merzifon district of Amasya, sells silk carpets woven in his studio to his home balcony, especially to the USA, Germany and Saudi Arabia.

Turkey Waste Reduction establishing a small workshop on the balcony of his house with the loan received from the Foundation Aries, both three women are employed contribute to the family budget.

Koc, married and mother of three children, told AA correspondent, Gümüşhaneli, carpet weaving from his grandfather and grandmother learned at a young age.
Koç told that he had woven carpets with his family for a long time. He said that he decided to weave carpets again after his marriage, to contribute to the family budget and to meet the education costs of his children.

Turkey Grameen Microfinance Program, Turkey Waste Prevention stating that the loan secured from two bench carpet Koc Foundation, silk carpets tissue they told me they buy from established social media and website.

Pointing that they woven an average rug with 2 people in 6 months, Koç said, "At first we exported carpets to European countries through intermediaries, but we tried to sell the carpets by our own methods because the intermediaries ignored the labor." said.

"I want to teach everyone this job and make a profession"

Stating that he wants to revive the profession of silk carpet weaving, Koç said:
"This is our profession, we could not read, but we have a profession, we have a source of livelihood. There are many requests from the environment who want to work with us who want to learn this job, but we can not accept everyone because we have limited space. But I want to do this job to everyone. think and want to contribute to the country's economy. "

Stating that all women who want to woven carpets Aries, "I think all women can do this job instead of sitting at home empty. Women who have more individual houses are lucky. Both can weave the carpet at home and can take care of their children. Can stand on their feet by earning their own money." he said.

"We are ready to support women with dreams"

Selda Ergin, Amasya Microfinance Branch manager, said that their aim is to provide support to women with low income who want to start a business and cannot find capital.
Emphasizing that Koç is highly appreciated by his environment for his determination and success, Ergin said, isi He is quite successful and he provided employment for 3 more people by buying a carpet weaving loom. We are ready to support all women who have dreams like Sultan Koç and who have difficulty in establishing a business. as long as they can imagine and run after what they imagine. "