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More than 60 thousand Microfinance Woman Becomes Owner 16.08.2017

Micro-lending practices by increasing the number of members each day continues to support the Kahramanmaraşlı lady. Low-income women in order to ensure that they will come with their own resources, established in 2007, Microfinance application more than 3 thousand women business owners in Kahramanmaras made. Guarantees and sureties are provided without asking women to establish small-scale work to bring the income of women in the capital. In this context, application of the welfare of the city and Microfinance operating in the city since 2007 becomes greater with each passing day.


Microfinance Kahramanmaras Branch Manager who studies inform us about microfinance Sureyya newspaper seller, while maintaining the objective of the program is to ensure that the disposal of the women said their career. Women's economic life who are aiming to contribute and be productive members of the Sellers, "micro-macro dimension to the extent that begin implementation of the program aimed at linking group consciousness among women to make the right investments are made. Microfinance programs in the context of the preparation of any project loan purchase, the guarantor is not required for operations such as bonds and mortgages, "he said.


every day of the week credit support given to the application instead of the women who want to benefit not bring the necessary conditions under which also referred to the seller, said: "In the same neighborhood, sitting in the first degree unrelated, living in similar social and economic conditions, a business idea to make the 5 women's result created group come together separate credit is given to each of the members. "

Managed with the support of a wide variety of work area and receives support from the microfinance loan program for women entrepreneurs since many years Kahramanmaras told the microcredit adventure as follows:

Rahime Sev

Ertugrul since Veterans I live in the neighborhood for about 4 years after I started with microloans member of my first thousand that money 2 thousand did I'm having bread at home chick I got almost a thousand of them did the chicken I think the generation now in eggs this time next year, will grant God and supported by KOSGEB and micro I want to build farms taking credit support'll benefit and I will provide jobs to many people, both generally think of running children women because they are a small margin lost again bless candidate my God, where the officials responsible for the ladies and gentlemen to support output generally have been difficult, they Ertugrul Gazi neighborhood Mukhtar candidate contributes to home whether they get their name on behalf of candidate again.

Saadet Karakız

Do I sell my crafts market in Society Let me get facebook instagram I use the support I received, I realize my crafts sales via social media very satisfied.

Müzeyyen Topuz

4 I am using micro-credit years' I intend to establish in my own business, if now in what I have a job already underwear I'm interested in business selling some very nice in this way will continue, I plan to open my workplace microcredit from God bless.

Yasemin Pakdur

6 years getting support from microloans are working together with the most recent 1500 TL are making clothing purchases and sales took my mother here do not just support but also many of our friends are socializing continues to work in different areas.

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