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Microcredit changed the life of 392 women 16.08.2017

Last year, 392 housewives in the town of Şehzadeler, Manisa, distributed a total of 542,800 TL micro credits to help some of them establish a business and some of them to enlarge the workplace they opened.


The microcredit accumulation, which serves as a subsidiary of the Governor of Şehzadeler Governorship, continues to distribute loans to domestic women to obtain their economic benefits. The microcredit, which is distributed between Manisa and Turkey for between TL 1,000 and TL 8,000, creates jobs especially by providing housewives with new jobs. Mikrokredi Manisa Branch Manager Ayşe Çakıcı, along with Pelin Nur Korkmaz, who works at the branch, said that the loans that they distributed have transformed the dreams of housewives into reality. Branch Manager Cakici, who said that they have been operating in Manisa since 2009, gave information about the loans distributed in the last 7 years. "We are striving to win our own economies and transform their dreams into reality from 2009 until this time ... While 104 women are lending credit in 2009, this number has risen to 392 in 2016. In the past 7 years, Şehzadeler, Yunusemre, Salihli And Turgutlu districts, we have distributed a total of 2 million 798 thousand 147 TL to 3 thousand 395 women, only 392 women in 2016 provided us with a loan of TL 542 thousand 800. "


Çakıcı said that the amount of credits distributed per person is not great, but that small amounts of women fulfill their dreams, "The loans start with 1000 TL and they go up to 8 thousand TL according to the regular payment .. Our women who use the credits pay us 25 TL per week. "We are also happy to turn our dreams into reality," he said. "We are also happy to make the dreams of our women come true," he said, adding that it is benefiting the home economies by making handicrafts at home, making handicrafts, and setting up a small workplace. Çakıcı also stated that for the last two years, women who use credit have also been insured for their homes with personal accident insurance for a monthly fee of TL 1.




In the Soma District, after the Soma mining disaster of 301 miners lost their lives in May 13, 2014, Çakıcı stated that their aim was to contribute to the domestic economy of miners' spouses. Çakıcı said "We have a loan of 830 thousand TL for a total of 376 miners during the 2.5-year period of our branch established in Soma." There are also 3 miners' spouses who lost their lives in Soma mine disaster.




Stating that the number of women benefiting from micro-credit in Manisa is low, Çakıcı said that the reason is that women do not hesitate to use credit. Çakıcı said, "Our women see us as if they were a bank, especially because of the increasing fraud in the last two years, women are now hesitant to use microcredit." At this time, they say, 'Who gives us this money with no interest and small loans.' Especially in rural areas, For this reason, we are trying to inform our women by going to our rural neighborhoods 5 days a week and invite our women to take advantage of the facilities of micro credit. "


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