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Blockchain solution for microfinance. 28.08.2019
Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is one of the largest microfinance institutions in Turkey Grameen Microfinance Program (GT), using the blockcha technology focuses on solving the problem of financial inclusion across the globe.

Turkey Grameen Microfinance Program (GT), the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and Grameen Trust, one of the largest microfinance institutions in the field partner. Since 2003, continued its microcredit activities of Turkey Waste Prevention Foundation Microcredit Center, low-income women's economic life have provided to be included in the Turkey with microcredit for all low-income families, providing appropriate financial services by women, for them to have no activity on their own income encourages. In this way, it aims to improve their economic and social situations and ensure financial sustainability. Currently, TGMP operating in Turkey and 96 branches across 64 provinces. According to TGMP's loan payment statistics, the amount of microcredit distributed has exceeded TL 875 million and has enabled more than 185,000 women with low incomes to participate in business life.

TGMP produces a variety of innovative technological solutions that will affect the international microfinance system. In line with this mission, TGMP aims to combine the MicroCreditCoin (MCC) e-Market Place Platform with social business, microcredit, e-commerce and crypto-money markets to provide a platform to contribute to a world without poverty. MCC e-Marketplace Platform focuses on solving the problem of financial inclusion worldwide by applying blockchain technology in the field of microfinance. The MCC e-Marketplace Platform aims to remove barriers to financial participation and ensure access to financial services for individuals without bank accounts. The main purpose of the MCC e-Marketplace Platform is to maximize goodness rather than maximize profit. At this point, the organization was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Muhammad Yunus, "to make money is a happiness, to make other people happy is super happiness," he has identified as a guide.