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Microcredit triggered Karaman-Germany 'wedding line' set up. 03.10.2017

We are the jury meeting of CITIBANK's "Micro Entrepreneur Awards".

Iğsan Necipoğlu, President of Dow Turkey and Central Asian Republics, Belgin Aksoy Berkin, Member of the Aksoy Group, Yasemin Bulut, who won the prize last year, Hakan Güldağ, Şelale Kadak and Talat Yeşiloğluvar.

Citibank Corporate Communication Coordinator Nevnihal Çiftçi reminded the institutions they cooperated with:

- Women Labor Assessment Foundation, Maya Micro Economic Support Enterprise, Turkish Foundation for Waste Reduction, ARGE Consulting.

This year, 57 indigenous applicants stated that:

- We received applications from 2 micro-entrepreneurs. 33 women were in the final.

We listened to the stories of successful micro entrepreneur women from Diyarbakır to Karaman, from Kocaeli to Ordu, from Kahramanmaraş to Eskişehir. Fadimana Dinçer from Karaman summarized how wedding ceremony in the application file began with the wedding organization:

- I started this at home first. I wanted my daughter, who was uncomfortable, to grow up. Then I used micro credit and opened my shop.

I wondered about the microcredit I recently used:

- 10 thousand pounds in 2015, 10 thousand pounds in 2016 micro-credit I have used.

I have returned the days when Citibank first organized the contest. The amount of micro credits used was concentrated between 500-1000 TL. When I saw 10 thousand credits in this year's files, I thought that:

- Clearly successful women can climb large slices of microcredit over time.

I have looked at Dincer's last two years:

- 80 thousand in 2015, 100 thousand TRY in 2016.

When the interview ended, he took the step that caught our attention:

- I sell the wedding ceremony and wedding organization business abroad.

If we were not accustomed to hearing a micro-entrepreneur, we asked:

- What countries are you sending?

- Mostly Germany. However, I also have clients in the UK, Belgium and France.

- Are your customers in Europe Turks?

- Yeah. We started with the ones we liked from the marriages and weddings of relatives in Turkey. We also built a social network.

I glanced at the results after the 3-hour jury marathon, Fadimana Dinçer was the winner in the "Vision" category.

The winners of the competition are as follows: Tuğba Çetin (The Year's Micro Entrepreneur), Şilan Yazıcı (Young Micro Entrepreneur of the Year), Sahile Kaplan (Financial Success), İmmi Kuşkaya (Social Impact), Second Impression (Personal Struggle), Yasemin Açıkgöz Local (Local Role Model).

If the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) takes advantage of micro-entrepreneurial women to export, does not their business develop further?


CITIBANK General Manager Serra Akçaoglu summarized the 9 year competition:

More than 18 women attended the Micro Entrepreneur Awards in 9 years. More than 250 awards were awarded. I believe that the 18 thousand entrepreneurs who gave their names wrote their names to the winners. These women are creating their own successes. Micro entrepreneurs are signing the macro success.

Şengül Akçar, Member of the Board of Directors of the Women's Employment Evaluation Foundation, gave the following message:

- Microfinance services are an important tool in increasing women's entrepreneurship. Micro credit is contributing to jobs and employment, encouraging savings and empowering women.

President of the TISSUE Aziz Akgul also described the system as follows:

- Everyone's ability is transformed into a business life, a driving force is needed. This water is the micro-capital which is the small capital.

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