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Microcredit support for women in Nazilli. 27.05.2019

Microcredit distribution ceremony was held for women who want to contribute to the home economy in Nazilli, while microcredit was given for 37 thousand 700 TL. In Nazilli, 13 women benefited from the microcredit support provided to contribute to the income generating activities of women with low incomes. 

Microcredit Branch opened in 2010 in Nazilli, since its inception has provided small-scale capital support to women. Supported by the redi Microcredit Branch ’in Nazilli District Governorate, 13 women were supported. In the program held in the governor's conference hall, micro-credits were distributed and women sailed to new jobs. The ceremony was attended by the Governor of Nazilli Ibrahim Kucuk, Nazilli Mayor Kursat Engin Ozcan, Microcredit Nazilli Branch Manager Enver Kaynak and his assistant Oznur Ozden. 


The credit for women to use in small jobs is a great advantage voicing Microcredit Nazilli Branch Executive Assistant Öznur Özden, "Dar income women at home to provide income-generating activities that support our women. "We only wish that these loans, which are for women only and are of a small capital support nature, will be evaluated in the best way," he said. 


The microcredit support of 37 thousand 700 TL given to 13 micro-entrepreneur women in small-scale enterprises such as handcrafts or catalog sales at textile workshops or at home is paid back in small installments. While the number of women actively benefiting from this support was recorded as 548 in Nazilli, it was learned that a total of 662 women received microcredit support since 2010. Since 2010, the amount of support has been recorded as 10 million TL.