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Microcredit support for women in Esenyurt 03.12.2018

Turkish Foundation for Waste Reduction (TİSVA) is providing services with 93 branches in 63 provinces of Turkey and the latest branch was opened in Esenyurt, Istanbul.

Their services were started in Diyarbakır in 1998 and it has been supporting women in earning their own living by providing microcredit to them. According to the General Manager of the microcredit branch of the Turkish Foundation for Waste Reduction, Halil Orhan, “Till today we have distributed microcredit to more than 180 thousand women. Microcredit is a system without any need for guarantee, collateral or court proceeding but is based totally on trust. It is a system which brings 5 women together in a group. Our repayment rate is 100%. This is also because of the trust between the women. No matter what, women always make their repayments on time. Microcredit has been providing services in 7 branches within Istanbul. With the contribution of the Mayor of the Esenyurt Municipality, District Governor of Esenyurt and Vuslat Doğan Sabancı microcredit will continue to provide services in the Esenyurt province.”

According to the District Governor of Esenyurt Vural Karagül, who referred to the women who had received vocational training from the public education centers in the provinces, “With regard to women who have received vocational training they should be able to earn money from the received training and this is the point which highlights the importance of the opportunities offered by TİSVA. I am hoping that it will provide beneficial services in Esenyurt.” According to the Mayor of the Esenyurt Municipality Ali Murat, who referred to the importance for women to make their place in the society, “It is inevitable for women to achieve financial independence in order to stand on their own feet and make their way in the society. We are trying our best to open new avenues for women. ” According to the financial sponsor of the microcredit branch in the Bağcılar, Vuslat Doğan Sabancı, “ There is a famous quote that there is a women behind every successful man but behind every successful woman there is an intelligent man. I was introduced about microcredit in Diyarbakır. After that, I became the financial sponsor for the Bağcılar branch. We started the Bağcılar branch with 100 women. Today, we have reached about 2000 women. Even there are examples of women who have about 50 employees and are indulged in the import and export business. The money which a woman brings home is utilized in the education of her children. Furthermore, it impacts the economy in a very positive manner. ”