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Microcredit and women will rise. 06.03.2015
Terme district of Samsun Turkey Waste Prevention Foundation Salıpazarı Microcredit Branch by credit distribution ceremony was held.
Turkey Waste Prevention Foundation (TİSVA) member Terme'l of 19 women entrepreneurs, Terme ceremony held at the Municipality of micro-credit checks received from Mayor Senol servant's hands. Ceremony Terme Mayor Senol servant, Turkey Grameen Microfinance Program Samsun Regional Director Yasin Kandemir, Galip Öztürk Salıpazarı Microfinance Branch Manager Nuray Erensoy and Assistant Branch Manager sure KAHRAMANOĞLU and Salıpazarı connected to the branch Terme'l was attended by 40 women entrepreneurs.


In a statement before the ceremony, Turkey Grameen Microfinance Program Samsun Regional Director Yasin Kandemir, enabling the micro-credit for the poor and low-income women to be active on their own income, collateral, guarantees, performance and given to monitoring court proceedings stated that a small capital. Kandemir in speech "to do business in different sectors become more and more successful women in business by micro-credit. New borrowers and take second and third loans. Only these loans for women to be given to women and a total of 19 Ter Amedaki £ 60,000. will be distributed. The highest will get the $ 5,000 credit. We have about 200 members Terme, near miss. From the very beginning because of the friendly approach and supports both micro-credit users thank you very much on behalf of our President, as well as my foundation. We welcome your support in a place that we can use as office supply point we feel the lack. "He said.

I am grateful to those who contributed
My biggest supporter in me reach my dream microcredit microcredit DUdUr description member of Hami in Dies "I'm trying to contribute to the family of our district by fishing in Gölyazı neighborhood. I've been in this industry for 7 years and the opportunity to benefit from micro-credits for the second time. I will receive my loan with a new fishing net. I appreciate all the effort everyone for their contributions. "He said.


No matter how powerful women in a society that emphasizes the importance of community in the production of women saying the stronger Terme Mayor Senol servant "what our family life as a lady we all know that there is an important place. Family, male family undertaken by the executive of the economy, the family economy in the efforts to bring the best level, have important roles in our ladies. In this sense all together will make the distribution of micro-credit loan application has a very important place. I hope that this your venture, you'll get more than your finger to the right. You have a great business woman Hopefully further grow in the coming years. We Terme our support will continue until the end of the Municipality. This credit will congratulate you with taking samples, I wish you success. "He said.
The winner at the end of the ceremony, using Ozturk Salıpazarı Microfinance Branch Manager who attended the ceremony were given by Nuray Erensoy and credit Terme'l information about the commercial activities of women.