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Women are on the line to contribute to the economy. 19.06.2019

30 entrepreneur women who want to grow their business in order to contribute more to their families and the economy in Aydın were provided with a total of 65 thousand TL microcredit.

Kuşadası, Koçarlı, Söke and Germencik district hairdressing, jewelry design, cosmetics, sewing-embroidery, farming and marketing, such as engaged in various businesses, 30 entrepreneur women, decided to expand their business. Women who aim to contribute more to their families and economy by enlarging their business, applied to Microfinance Aydın West Branch operating in İncirliova District for the microcredit they need. The women whose applications were accepted as a result of the examination were entitled to receive microcredit in amounts ranging from thousand TL to 5 thousand TL.


Incirliova Governor Ediz Driver, met in the governor's meeting hall entrepreneur women, a total of 65 thousand TL microcredit distributed. Driver Microfinance Aydın West Branch Manager Nefise Akyıl accompanied. Driver, thanking entrepreneur women for their contribution to the economy, said: "Our entrepreneur women contribute to their families, country, provincial and district economies by participating in the production processes. We would like to thank Microfinance employees for providing microcredit opportunities. We are expecting all citizens who wish to establish their own business or expand their existing business to our Microfinance branch. "