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İzmit Ladies at Work With Micro Loans 07.09.2017

Since Izmit Municipality Kadikoy neighborhood by 2013 via microcredit branches operating in the mansion, as women come into business with each passing day it is looking more hopeful.

At least five female entrepreneurs in the same neighborhood as guarantor to each other, benefiting about 300 women from the microcredit branch to help establish their own businesses. Initially, the women began to work with the help of $ 1,000 microcredit, home-cooked food, clothing, costume design are moving to develop themselves in areas such as cafes and businesses.

They IMPROVES expanding its WORKS

In order to create a Turkey that is not poverty and unemployment, which initiated the project with potential but no opportunity İzmit'l the support given to women. expanding the support given unpaid leave women in business by developing jobs and expanding their places.


Type of Microcredit Foundation for Waste Reduction Can Burcin Istanbul Regional Director, said the following about the project:

"We provide our services across the country are currently 70,000 women entrepreneurs. Microcredit to get the first 5 women must be included in the loan application for commercial purposes come together. Microcredit application makes reference to and approved by the ladies going through a week of training. £ 1,000 microcredit is paid for each person after the first year of training. microcredit limits depending on the regularity of the payments at the end of the first year women are being upgraded. Completely any surety and guarantees from the state-backed micro-credits is desired. The Microcredit recycling is done by dividing the weekly installments, "he said.

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