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It was a seasonal worker was boss 17.03.2016

Sanliurfa years he worked as a seasonal worker after 500 pounds of micro-credit to women entrepreneurs who start their own business Dilek Aslan, the majority of the textile workshop provides employment to 20 women agricultural workers who, like himself. Leo "Had I only have one goal. He also President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, I want you to make the opening of my work," he said.


Sanliurfa women entrepreneurs working for many years as seasonal workers, mostly in the textile workshop established through micro-credit that provides employment to 20 women who received agricultural workers like himself.


years working in the summer agricultural land that contributes to the livelihoods of the size of the family of 35-year-old Dilek Aslan, 3 children to a better future decided to present data in Turkey Waste Prevention Foundation (TİSVA) and was admitted to micro-credit provided by Şanlıurfa Municipality. He started his business life with a sewing machine thanks to the support received here Lion, produce what they had achieved success in a short time.


Then KOSGEB entrepreneurship courses and participating in the support area here in Lion, in a warehouse rented founded the Ayyubid district textile workshop. The Lion, the boss of your own business, providing employment to 20 women in the workshop.


Lion, AA said in a statement to reporters, said he worked for many years as seasonal workers in agriculture.


Agricultural labor of herself and her children to a better future from the assumption that provide motion explaining that apply to entrepreneurship courses lions, "because if I continue the agricultural labor my children would be agricultural workers. Why should it be? I them I have to prepare a good future. 500 I got that time, pounds began to micro-lending and this work goes on very nicely, thank goodness, "he said.


He worked in the textile mills and 20 women reported to have experienced the happiness that The Lion, the state granted to it, he said he and the possibilities it allows the women.


Besides that most of the employees came from the transfer of agricultural labor as Leo himself, he continued:


"This is our young girls, do not go to mercifully labor agriculture since they work for me. 'Enough of agricultural labor to not go, I'm here professions Let's find out,' they say. They went to agricultural labor are forced to sit empty to come work for 2-3 months, but it's not here. 4 years since I have friends working with me. I am very pleased with them. God bless our state, this opportunity gives us. "


'I HAD ONE GOAL: Erdogan's my opening DO WORK PLACE'


In business he stated that his wife's largest support Lion, voiced overcome all challenges with the support of his wife.


Stressing that arrived today under difficult conditions Lion, said:


"Women are not something they can not succeed if you want. Our women before they insert their profession bracelet arms. Then they take the entrepreneurial certificate offered by our state and support. Our state women to now offer very good opportunities. I've reached my almost all goals count. You're my only goal. He Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, I want you to make the opening of my work. I hope that my request will be realized one day. "



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