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Isparta / Ahmet Kaya Bağ Yalvaç Branch Opening Ceremony was held. 10.11.2014

Former Labor Minister Abdulkadir Aksu, microcredit came to the opening of the branch in Yalvaç Isparta Governor Vahid Ozkan Visited authorities. 

Speaking during the visit Aksu, Turkey Waste Prevention Foundation launched across the country said that micro-credit programs within the scope of that earlier at the opening of a branch in Isparta. Aksu district also stating that the Prophet, at the opening of the branch with the support of micro-credit, a businessman, voiced done significant work in this area. Aksu pointed out that this kind of work overlaps with the social policies of the government, "AK Party as ever since we came to power were in the opinion of reach to the success of the economic policies supported by social policies. In addition to economic measures and policies for him, we gave priority to social policy. Micro, albeit small, albeit our people job opportunities, allowing an important step, even if on a small scale in the prevention of unemployment, the lady of our brothers anyone from opening handful for providing a layout can be set up in their own affairs in this project I gave support, "he said.

Now with up to 68 the opening of the micro-credit branches in 109 districts and 50 Aksu said that nearly a thousand people benefited from these loans, "Micro-credit in turns is full. Banks would have complained about the most bad loans. But there is no bad loans in the micro-credit Praise to God. Coins are paid back on time. Stock no basket, no interest. we have confidence in people, "he said.

Isparta Governor Ozkan also noted that the opening of the second micro-credit branches themselves happy. Ozkan After the speeches, was composed of Aksu-bye gift basket products.

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