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15 Employees Become Patrons With Thousand TL microcredit. 14.08.2017

In Gaziantep, a 30-year-old married and two children's mother, who set up a business with a thousand TL micro-credit, turned out to be the patron of 15 workers.

He made his own job by taking a thousand dollars from the micro-loan with the recommendation of Döne Soycan valilik, who contributed to the economy of his family by making a needle in his home. Starting with an average of around 7-8 thousand TL, Soycan has made the value of the haberdashery shop up to 45 thousand TL with the sale made within 2 years. At this moment, 15 sisters have made a needle in the needle, expressing that he worked with Soykan, said that 6 thousand TL earned money per month.

The married 2-year-old mother of 30-year-old Gazianteple Döne Soycan, started with a thousand TL credit, said: "I had two years of my own work. I opened a haberdashery shop. First of all I started by making needlework at home. I've heard microcredit from friends and decided to open my own business by pulling a thousand lira from the micro-loan. I started with an average of 7-8 thousand pounds with a small slob. I currently have around 40-45 thousand pounds in my work place. Money is really what they call money. Thanks to the micro-credit supported by the governor, I took my own car with the money I earned from it as if it were my business. Micro credit, the amount of credit they are starting with a thousand liras is currently raised to 5 thousand liras, "he said.

 "I run 15 women in my life"

Soykan said that he has given job to 15 women by improving his business. "I earn 400-500 pounds daily here. My monthly payments are 6 thousand liray. I made them all by myself. Thank goodness I think I'm from underneath. At first, when I do needlework at home, I work with my 15 sisters to make 15 syringes. This time I become their boss. Besides these, 15 ladies except me are bringing bread to their homes from here. Along with this, I have 7 knitting jobs with knitting yarns. And I sell and sell them at my workplace. If I wanted a lady like I said, there was nothing to do. "

Sincan thanked Mikro Credit for allowing him to become a business owner by giving credit to him.

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