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Amends 700 pounds Microcredit Life 03.11.2015

Microcredit refers to 700 pounds and see the brochure 8 years ago founded his own business in Kahramanmaras Elif orphans, running now with 100 people ..


Microcredit application, Elif orphans living in Kahramanmaraş (39) has changed his life. Applying to micro-credits in the brochure given by a friend and 700 pounds space Orphan was 2 cows by adding its own accumulation. The money earned by selling milk and yogurt that converts continuous investment orphan, is then entered into the pepper-cleaning business. Entrepreneurs are currently 100 people working next to her.



Elif an orphan into their home mom who in 2007 proposed to examine whether a brochure about a friend of microcredit practices. Orphans who decide to take advantage of the application and the application has been a positive response was given 700 pounds microcredit. Add to the accumulation of money in their credit orphans, the animals began to take two cows. Elif selling milk and yogurt cows orphan, buy a small plot of land with the money he has collected 5 to increase the number of animals.


I'm open to new ideas

Elif is now a successful businesswoman orphan, she was at hand in the cleaning business for a while after pepper. Established team of orphans and women, began cleaning the stems, remove the chili pepper brought by the traders. The number of employees has reached 100 next to the orphans. Elif stating that women can do anything when asked Orphan, "My wife helps me. Children's education, we welcome the money we earn our business. I am open to new business ideas," he said.