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Within the scope of Erzincan first microcredit project implemented in 2008 to 5 million 300 thousand Turkish Lira it was given microcredit. The Governor of Erzincan in 2008 and Turkey Waste Prevention Foundation Microcredit commenced with the signing of the protocol in Erzincan activities Erzincan Branch intervening as of June 2016 in 8 years reached 1650 micro-entrepreneurial women and 5 million 300 thousand in total loan facility offered.


Turkey Grameen Microfinance Program Erzincan Regional Director Ibrahim Curler, year 6 months 6 thousand 767 women in the region through 7 branches in the province, 1 million 876 thousand pounds they bildirdi.g that micro-credit is provided, said in a statement, to prevent poverty and micro order to contribute to women's domestic economy they provide credit support, he said. Curler, in Erzincan as the director, Erzurum, Mus, Bitlis, Iğdır, Bingöl, they are responsible for the provinces and in Erzincan 2, by allowing the material to women through a branch in other provinces said they will contribute to transform the economic value of their skills. Ibrahim Curler, "In the first six months of Erzincan branch of this year, 480 members of our 390 thousand 611, Kemaliye district branch has 94 members 203 thousand 264 pounds, Bingol branch 231 members of our 321 thousand 439, the Mus branch 251 members 318 thousand 601, Igdir branch 254 members to 259 thousand, Bitlis 151 thousand 415 members in 205 branches, 252 branches in Erzurum's microcredit was granted 232 thousand 174 pounds.


We all can see not only solved with the help of the reduction of poverty in the community in the form of grants. . Unable to work with the elderly, the sick and all kinds of cash going to the homes of people with disabilities and their needs must be met in kind. However, if the person can work, giving little capital of their another of generating their own income from the handful of opening should be provided for engaging in activities and everyone is capable of hiring a life water to convert it, it needs a driving force. This water also has micro-credit with small capital. Because capital is the most important element is not the owner of the unemployed and disadvantaged. In 2003, Turkey Waste Prevention Foundation Board of Trustees Chairman Prof. Dr. Aziz Akgul, Microcredit was launched on premise, in the intervening 13 years across the country as of now 110 branches in 67 provinces in the low-income women are given microcredit. Microcredit project, but the entrepreneurial ability of our women without financial means as to contribute to the family finances and the economy is tied to economic life, they become stronger individuals. generations raised these women will also offer a significant contribution to the country's future. "As Turkey Waste Prevention Foundation, a Turkey we aim is not poverty in 2023, the 100th anniversary of the Republic of years. all donors to our light our way poverty is an honorable way to reduce and supporting Governor our grateful forever . " Said.

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