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'Taking the teaspoon whether the Bucket' handed out 500 Million Pounds 16.08.2017

CITIBANK together with Turkey's Women's Work Foundation have launched a "Micro Entrepreneur Awards" at the jury meeting, we will hear 30 female finalists out of nearly 3 thousand candidates.


- With micro-credit, we learn to stand on our own feet.

Mus 3-storey shop curtain store and 54-year-old primary school graduates Thanksgiving Bingol, he entered the house by telling you start doing bag work:

- Then I went to the course, I decided to enter the business pitch. My wife always opposed my work. We had 8 years apart, we have divorced one year ago. 3 kids was the biggest gain. 2013 4 thousand, six thousand pounds in 2014, I raised my work using micro-credit. Currently I have a monthly income of 8-10 thousand pounds. Mush "The Entrepreneurial Woman" was chosen.


Mardin Kiziltepe 41-year-old who hosiery Mekiye Alkan, said the illiterate: - I undertook work to overcome poverty through micro-credit. This credit was harder in my day my family. 2013 to 1000 pounds, I used 2014 for 2 thousand pounds loan. Now my monthly income around 2 thousand 500 pounds. 3 I really want my child reading.


Then again, non-literate 56-year-old Melek Ozer entered the room:

- In the past, my wife and I were minimum-wage workers. Then we opened a small pretzel bakery. My wife left me sick oven works. 2013 2 thousand pounds, I use 2014 4 thousand pounds, micro-credit. Currently, the monthly income of 2-4 thousand pounds.

While the exact room made the following analogy:

- Micro creditors for money "Çomça" (bucket) and whether you are taking teaspoon. God bless them.


Turkey Waste Prevention Foundation (TİSVA) Board of Trustees Chairman Prof. Aziz Akgul, at the awards ceremony, "Turkey Grameen Microfinance Program" was recalled in 2003 to start the application:


- It reached 110 branches in 67 provinces. 150 total loan amount used by thousands of women has exceeded 500 million pounds. Currently, 44 thousand people in the credit chain. I.e., active user of credit. Credit return rate of 99.9 percent.


Finals 30 "micro-entrepreneurs" We listened to the woman fills our eyes ...

1500-2500 pounds have seen the pride and joy of extending the award ...

We shook with the explosion in Ankara that breaks our inner life than the end of the ceremony, 28 ...


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